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Tyler Popescu

Loan Officer
NMLS# 2008061

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We’re changing the game to build a better mortgage experience for you. At X2 Mortgage, we’ve streamlined the complicated mortgage process to get your loan funded as quickly and as efficiently as possible - all while saving you money!

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Our Customers' Referrals
Built X2 Mortgage

Taylor & Kaare D. Client, Homeowners
Our loan officer, was amazing! The amount of knowledge and professionalism that was expressed really went a long way with us when refinancing our home. I personally loved how informed throughout the progress that we were. Overall, a very positive experience!
Kelvin S. Client, Homeowner
X2 Mortgage went above and beyond through the entire loan process to make sure we knew what we were doing, when we were doing it, and how. The best part was, our best interest was always in mind and they made sure we got the best loan we possibly could. THANK YOU!

Jason S. Client, Homeowner
This process was seriously a God send. X2 worked tirelessly in getting our family the best mortgage rate we could possibly get. I recommend 10-fold if you are looking into getting into a home. You're definitely in the right spot!!! 🤗


A Modern Take on Mortgages

Creativity is intelligence having fun. That’s exactly how Tyler approaches his business! Cookie cutter loan options are a thing of the past, and Tyler prides himself in being able to connect with his clients to help achieve their goals. Whether it’s on the real estate side, and how to structure an offer to be as strong as ever - or if the goal is on the finance side of things to spend the least to get the most, Tyler is your guy!


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  Tyler Popescu

Loan Officer

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