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X2 Mortgage simplifies the mortgage process, making it quick and affordable to apply for a home loan.

At our one-stop shop, you can compare loan offers from more than 40 partners in our network.

Below, you can learn more about how our streamlined, fee-free process works.
Schedule your consultation.

Getting started with the mortgage process is as simple as picking up a phone and giving us a call at (480) 992-4200 to schedule your consultation.

Choose your loan type.

At your consultation, you can tell us about your financial circumstances and goals. We can then recommend specific loan products to you that may suit your needs.

You can receive in-depth answers to all of your questions about the different loan types and how the mortgage process works at this stage.

Once you decide what type of home loan to apply for, you can begin the application process.

Receive pre-approval for a home loan.

We pre-approve you for a mortgage early in the process. That way, you have more bargaining power as you are negotiating with sellers.

Find your dream home.

You can now concentrate on finding the perfect home. As you do, we will be completing the next steps and providing you with regular updates so you know exactly where you are in the loan process.

We take care of the appraisal and underwriting.

Appraisal and underwriting are two of the steps we will be handling as you are searching for your next home.

You receive a loan commitment.

You receive conditional approval after appraisal and underwriting are complete. That means you now have a loan commitment.

We submit documents that are pending.

You will receive a notification from us if you need to submit any pending documents. We can contact you via email, text or phone, as per your preference.

You receive final approval.

After all documents are submitted, we give you final approval for a home loan.

Close and get your keys.

The last step is to close and receive the keys to your home. You can now move in and enjoy it!

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