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Land Loans: Your Complete Mortgage Guide

Land Loans: Your Complete Mortgage Guide

February 20, 2023 by X2 Mortgage

Whether you are shopping for land for immediate construction, or you simply want to purchase a lot for future use or investment purposes, it all starts with finding the right loan.

Lot loans are considered to be riskier than regular mortgages, and many companies do not specialize in them.

At X2 Mortgage, we understand the complexities that can go into purchasing land and/or constructing a new residential or commercial property. We are here to make the lot loan process as simple and fast as possible.

Qualifying for a Land Loan

The exact qualification requirements for a land loan depend on the specific type of land loan you apply for. Regardless, you will need:

  • A strong credit score.
  • Paperwork from a surveyor showing the land you want to buy.
  • Details on what you plan to do with the land.

If you intend to construct on the land, the more information you can provide about the project, the better. Ideally, like you should blueprints for the structures as well as a specific timeframe for construction. In other words, the less speculative your intentions are, the more likely it is that you will receive approval for a land loan.

Why Work With X2 Mortgage When Buying Land?

  • Our experience. When you are working through a process as complex as purchasing a lot and constructing a building, you want to work with a company that understands the steps and challenges of that process as deeply as possible. X2 Mortgage has extensive experience with land loans, which allows us to move you swiftly and smoothly through the application process so you can close on the lot you want.
  • Our rates. We work hard to bring you low rates and no fees. That way, you can maximize the return on your investment on land purchases.
  • Local knowledge. X2 Mortgage is a company based in Chandler, Arizona but has a local presence and knowledge base in numerous major markets. We know the real estate world in a way that larger companies never can. Our team will go the extra mile to help you capitalize on the opportunities you find by closing fast.

Buy Land and Get Started Today

The perfect plot of land will not wait for long. Make it your own with a flexible land loan. To get started now, please call us today at (480) 992-4200 to schedule your consultation. Based in Chandler, Arizona we serve customers across numerous states. Along with a land loan, we can also connect you with a construction loan.

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