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Down Payment Assistance Loans Guide

Down Payment Assistance Loans Guide

February 20, 2023 by X2 Mortgage

Can’t afford to make a large down payment on a home? If you need to move into a new home immediately, one option is to apply for down payment assistance.

X2 Mortgage offers a competitive down payment assistance program that is accessible to homebuyers with a range of credit scores, DTI ratios, and incomes.

Down Payment Assistance Program Features

  • Apply with a FICO score as low as 620.
  • Lower rates than Home in 5 and Home Plus.
  • No lien on property.
  • Manufactured homes allowed.
  • Low to no lender fees.
  • No income limits.*
  • DTI up to 48.99%.
  • Lower mortgage insurance premium.
  • Up to 4% grant.

*For first time homebuyers, educators, first responders, civil servants or military personnel.

Is Down Payment Assistance Right for You?

At X2, our priority is to save you money and help you achieve your homeownership goals.

For this reason, we typically recommend that if you can save up for a down payment, you do so. Making a down payment can help you qualify for a more affordable interest rate than you might otherwise.

You may have a scenario where that isn’t an option, however. For example, you might be relocating for a job, and need housing right away, or it could be years before you could save enough for a down payment with your income.

In situations like those, down payment assistance can help you move forward with your plans and goals.

Unlike a lot of other companies, X2 Mortgage charges no fees. We also work hard to bring all of our customers competitive rates, including those who choose down payment assistance.

Contact Us Today About Down Payment Assistance Programs

We know you likely have many questions about down payment assistance and how it works. During your consultation, you can receive detailed answers and personalized recommendations for your individual financial scenario.

To ask us your questions or apply for down payment assistance now, please call us today at (480) 992-4200 to schedule your consultation. Based in Chandler, Arizona we serve homebuyers across numerous states.

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